Enlaces en del.icio.us, junio 2009

94 nuevos enlaces seleccionados de diseño gráfico, utilidades, programas, ilustración, creatividad…

Estos son los enlaces que he agregado recientemente en del.icio.us. Abre el post completo en el enlace, porque son 94 nuevas direcciones de gran interés!

  1. digital Artform – Una de las mejores formas de aprender, de forma práctica, Photoshop y otros programas de creación digital.
  2. Truchet Tiling – — from Wolfram MathWorld
  3. PHP 101: PHP For the Absolute Beginner
  4. How To Create a WordPress Theme – Serie de 12 tutoriales que explica todos los detalles, paso a paso.
  5. Ink and Wit
  6. colorcombos

  7. DirSync Pro (Directory Synchronize Pro)
  8. Colorcombos – generador de paletas de colores, armonías, esquemas…
    se puede buscar por etiquetas y generar a partir de un sitio web.
  9. TweetFox – CloudBerry multi-userTwitter plug-in for Firefox helps you to post excerpts from the websites you visit with a click of the button and attach a short URL to the source page.
  10. Twitlet – It’s the fastest and simplest way to Twitter!
  11. Carlos Aponte – Ilustrador
  12. 30 Essential PDF Documents Every Designer Should Download (I) – :: Positive Space Blog
  13. Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs – perspectiva, triángulo, hexagonal, escritura, polar, etc…
  14. Vignelli Associates
  15. 30 Essential PDF Documents Every Designer Should Download – :: Positive Space Blog
  16. Sketchup Video Tutorials
  17. 3D Warehouse de Google Sketchup
  18. Computer refernce for drawing and illustration
  19. Micropayments for content and services | Contenture – Contenture helps you monetize your content with a revolutionary new micropayment system.
  20. Creating seamless patterns in Illustrator
  21. Field Notes
  22. Seamless Illustrator pattern brushes with outer corner tiles – with outer corner tiles (Veerle’s)
  23. Macrhino
  24. Matthieu Forichon’s Art – 2009 / 2010
  25. Matthieu Forichon – illustrations et recherches graphiques.
  26. PocketMod: The Free Recyclable Personal Organizer
  27. From The Couch – an Online Video show, which covers everything web orientated: CSS tips, how to create websites from nothing and also chat about news in the web world.
  28. 125 Code Snippets for web designers
  29. From PSD to HTML, Building a Set of Website Designs step by step – (Nettuts )
  30. Joshua Davis | Studios
  31. Tomokazu Matsuyama – pintor
  32. Pixel Perfect Firefox Extension – Pixel Perfect is a Firefox/Firebug extension that allows web developers and designers to easily overlay a web composition over top of the developed HTML.
  33. 10 Useful Firefox Extensions to Supercharge Firebug
  34. Classic Polish Film Posters – Base de datos con 404 diseñadores polacos: 6868 film posters, 2125 imágenes.
  35. Fabrice Houdry
  36. 25 Excellent Typography Tools for the Serious Designer
  37. DestroyTwitter – compact though robust Twitter application built to run on Mac, Windows, and Linux using Adobe AIR. It consists of a series of canvases that constantly update to keep tweets up-to-date using notifications that appear when a new tweet arrives. DestroyTwitter uses a minimal amount of memory compared to its AIR-based alternatives without sacrificing functionality and performance. As a result, it can easily run in the background as an automated process.
  38. bobopoly.com
  39. Typographic Practice
  40. The Vignelli Canon
  41. art of typography
  42. LettError, a Magazine. 1989
  43. Notes On Graphic Design
  44. Fontshop specimens
  45. Font 007
  46. Design Inspiration | Vandelay Design Blog
  47. Wil Freeborn – ilustración, moleskines, diarios.
  48. Monotone – really clean and nice photoblogging theme for WordPress
  49. WordPress › P2 microblogging theme – A group blog theme for short update messages, inspired by Twitter. Featuring: Hassle-free posting from the front page. Perfect for group blogging, or as a liveblog theme. Dynamic page updates. Threaded comment display on the front page. In-line editing for posts and comments. Live tag suggestion based on previously used tags. A show/hide feature for comments, to keep things tidy. Real-time notifications when a new comment or update is posted. Super-handy keyboard shortcuts. Helvetica Neue for you modern font lovers. And more to come…
  50. Type Directors Club
  51. CSS Code Snippets : 15 Wicked Tricks | DevSnippets
  52. Monty Python’s Silly Walks Generator
  53. 10 Tools to Combine, Mix, Blend Multiple RSS Feeds
  54. FeedStitch – herramienta como Feedmingle para integrar varios feeds en uno solo.
  55. css code snippets
  56. generative flash components – – Google Search
  57. TypeInspire – Typography Inspiration
  58. Creating generative art with Flash – Computer Arts –
  59. Generative / Recursive Art Roundup – Flash Enabled Blog – Everything Flash
  60. generative art components (flash)
  61. 52 Professional Website User Interface Photoshop Tutorials
  62. 25 of the Best Photographer Portfolio Websites – Part Two | Vandelay Design Blog
  63. 10 astonishing CSS hacks and techniques
  64. Create a Furious Pink Panther Poster | GoMediaZine
  65. The Top 10 Vector Plus Tutorials of All Time – – Vectortuts
  66. Wikify – servicio que genera automáticamente enlaces a artículos en wikipedia (puede elegirse el idioma) dentro de un texto copiado y pegado.
  67. BytesForAll WordPress WP Themes
  68. Carrington theme framework
  69. ThemeShaper Forums – (para Thematic)
  70. Use WordPress as a CMS with Thematic Theme – (explicación de cómo crear un ‘child theme’ en 2 partes)
  71. Preußisches Bleisatz-Magazin – historical type specimens
  72. Emigre – la clásica fundición digital pionera.
  73. SMeltery
  74. Ourtype
  75. Darden Studio
  76. righttype™ – we do the right type.
  77. siteInspire – inspiring web design and CSS gallery
  78. Hoefler
  79. Type Foundries links @ FontShop
  80. Typephases dingbats, fonts and illustration – An exclusive collection of freeware dingbats and fonts, articles about graphic design and typography and other goodies.
  81. Veer: Type
  82. Google Directory: font foundries
  83. Typesites – visitando sitios web con un excelente diseño tipográfico
  84. Typefoundry – “documents for the history of type and letterforms”
  85. Great Books covers For Design Inspiration – | Inspired Magazine
  86. Gnip – Delivering the Web’s Data – Gnip makes it easy to access, filter and integrate the social and business data you care about.
  87. Take Your Design To The Next Level With CSS3 – | CSS | Smashing Magazine
  88. 40 Helpful Resources On User Interface Design Patterns – -Developer’s Toolbox | Smashing Magazine
  89. Spark Plug Diagram in Illustrator (Vectortuts ) – Rendering a 2D Spark Plug Diagram from 3D Components in Illustrator
  90. Create cool 3D infographics – Digital Arts – Features –
  91. MyFonts – The MUCH improved new site
  92. Typodermic – Ray Larabie’s foundry!
  93. the Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute
  94. Manfred Klein Fonteria – Fonts and dingbats – New archive, starting in 2008.
  95. Manfred Klein Fonteria @ typOasis – His huge archive of fonts and dingbats 2001-2007


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