Enlaces interesantes recopilados

Aquí está una larga serie de enlaces que he ido añadiendo a mi cuenta de del.icio.us últimamente. Son enlaces de diseño gráfico, ilustración, tipografía, arte, creatividad, desarrollo web, tecnología, etc.

  1. LinuxLibertine.org – | Public domain Fonts: Biolinum and Libertine with full character sets, punctuation, ligatures, alternates…
  2. Exabis e-portfolio block – MoodleDocs – enables portfolio work for students from within Moodle. The block has to be activated at least once in any course (or on the mymoodle-page)- students can then do eportfolio-work across courses building up and using their individual category-system. It is a non-standard module.
  3. MobaXterm – The free multitab Unix browser for Windows – is an enhanced terminal with an X server and a set of Unix commands (GNU/Cygwin) packaged in a single portable exe file. Formerly known as MobaXVT, MobaXterm now includes a multitab native Windows terminal, a new X server based on X.Org for easily export your Unix/Linux display and a lot of new GNU Unix commands. You can also use some of the free plugins for extending MobaXterm capabilities!
  4. 16×16 Icons – easily preview several popular 16×16 icon sets at once. You can also search through all the sets based on the icon’s filenames
  5. Levitated | Combinatoric Critters, a computational sketch
  6. MonsterID – a method to generate a unique monster image based upon a certain identifier (IP address, email address, whatever). It can be used to automatically provide personal avatar images in blog comments or other community services. The download contains a PHP file which will generate a random monster by default. When given a seed request parameter the monster will be based on this parameter and will always be the same for the same parameter. A second optional parameter named size can be given to get a resized image.The script and the body part images are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License license.
  7. Linux Manpages Online – man.cx manual pages – all the manpages from all available packages in the Debian testing distribution, plus some pages from other sources. This makes a total of 119686 available manpages (including translations).Just enter the name of the page you want in the inputbox at the top of the page. You can add a section number (in parentheses) if you want. But you can simply use the fast to type URL man.cx/pagename in your browser’s addressbar.
  8. zetafonts – the fonts foundry
  9. Things To Be Happy About
  10. Express Planner – new project planning methodology and from our free project planning software (Windows / Mac)which helps you create an optimized plan for your projects and resources in a few minutes.
  11. Top 10 Awesome Things You Can Do With Text
  12. lafonoteca.net – Música española |
  13. PyDE – a Python Development Environment written in Python with the wxPython windowing toolkit. That means it’s cross-platform: Windows, Mac OS and Linux/GTK. It’s designed for all kinds of people writing Python—from Science students taking an elective in Computer Studies to professional developers.
  14. Vectorian : Biggest Vintage Vector Ornaments pack (free pack full version) – Spice up your design with genuine ornaments from XIXe century sources, carefully vectorized by hand. This monumental collection include hundreds of ornaments, scrolls, rule lines, frames borders, flourishes… available as border brushes for illustrator
  15. Gamestorming – games in creativity and design for creative thinking and innovation in their book “Game storming – A playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers and Changemakers”. This book should have a place on the desk of every design manager who facilitates creativity and innovation workshops.
  16. E – TextEditor | The power of TextMate on Windows – E is a new text editor for Windows, with powerful editing features and quite a few unique abilities. It makes manipulating text fast and easy, and lets you focus on your writing by automating all the manual work. You can extend it in any language, and by supporting TextMate bundles, it allows you to tap into a huge and active community
  17. Multicolr Search Lab – Idée Inc.
  18. pyglet – a cross-platform windowing and multimedia library for Python. provides an object-oriented programming interface for developing games and other visually-rich applications for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. No external dependencies or installation requirements. Load images, sound, music and video in almost any format.
  19. NodeBox for OpenGL – a free, cross-platform library for generating 2D animations with Python programming code. It is built on Pyglet and adopts the drawing API from NodeBox for Mac OS X (http://nodebox.net). It has built-in support for paths, layers, motion tweening, hardware-accelerated image effects, simple physics and interactivity.
  20. Kod – a programmers’ editor for OS X Fully concurrent — loading files, syntax highlighting, etc is distributed across available CPU cores. Minimal waiting time. Integrated scripting environment based on Node.js. Written from scratch with modern OS X 10.6 APIs providing maximum OS integration while avoiding reinvention of the wheel. Sports a Chromium-like user interface where tabs can be torn off and moved between windows. Allows editing (although not saving, currently) remote files accessible over HTTP or HTTPS. Styling of the editor (not only the syntax highlighting) through regular CSS 3. Comes with support for over 65 different languages/syntaxes which can easily be edited or extended (Kod uses the same format as GNU Syntax Highlight). And more awesome features…
  21. Pastebin.com – #1 paste tool since 2002!
  22. gossyp – fetches random gossips from the internet (usenet, web, chat, forums…) and displays them on screen. Why ? think of it as some kind of ‘art’. Or think of it as taking a snapshot of the current thoughts, rants and raves of people all around the world.
    You’ll find grave truths, clever thoughts, stupid comments, insults, questions, quotes, non-sense, deep sense, facts, out-of-the-context puzzling sentences from all over the world. How ? gossyp fetches random messages from different sources (Usenet, web forums, IRC…), extracts sentences, shuffles them and outputs them by various mean (standard output, HTML page, speech, screensaver…)
  23. webGobbler – creates pictures by assembling random images from the web. Think of it as attempt to capture the chaos of the human activity, which the internet is a partial and subjective snapshot of.
  24. Django CMS – open-source content management system, based on the web framework django and written in python. With many extensions.
  25. Google’s Python Class – Google’s Python Class – Google Code – @ Google Code University
  26. Learn Python – Free Interactive Python Tutorial – enter code, click run / show expected output!! interactive Python tutorial. Whether you are an experienced programmer or not, this website is intended for everyone who wishes to learn the Python programming language. Just click on the chapter you wish to begin from, and follow the instructions or chat with other Python students. Good luck!
  27. Xara Outsider
  28. A Gentle Introduction to Processing – O’Reilly Answers
  29. Text expansion tools and tips
  30. Snipt | Share and store code or command snippets.
  31. Text Mining Tool – free converter of PDF, DOC, CHM, RTF, HTML files to text – for extraction of text from files of the next types: pdf, doc, rtf, chm, html without need to have installed any other programs like Word, Arcrobat, etc. The beauty of the program is that it works, extremely simply, on almost all common forms of documents. That includes HTML web pages, both DOC and RTF document formats from Microsoft Word and others like Open Office, Windows Help files ending in CHM, and portable documents using PDF format. Its comfortable and easy usage is defined by the following key features: No payment or license restrictions. Tool is absolutely free. Works as converter of PDF, DOC, RTF, CHM, HTML files to text. User-friendly interface with hotkeys available. Console tool minetext for automation of text converting is included. .NET 2.0 framework based. No installation is needed. Just unpack the program and use.
  32. Pashua – tool for creating native Aqua dialog windows from programming languages that have none or only limi­ted support for graphic user inter­faces on Mac OS X. Currently, it supports Apple­Script, Perl, PHP, Python, Groovy, Rexx, Ruby, shell scripts and Tcl—and if your favourite language is not included in this list: writing the glue code for communicating with Pashua is pretty simple.
    The GUI elements which can be used for such dialogs include text in­put fields (single-line and multi-line), check­boxes, radio­buttons, combo boxes, popup menus, open panels or buttons. Moreover, it’s possible to embed images or PDFs. Any data submitted from the dialog will be passed on to the calling script, which can (of course) use it for anything.
  33. Plain Clip – a tiny Mac OS X application which will remove formatting from text which is on the clipboard. It’s designed as a face­less application (i.e.: no graphical user interface, with the excep­tion of the preferences win­dow), which makes it ideal for triggering it from a hotkey / launcher applications such as Spark or Launch­Bar. For users of such tools, Plain Clip offers a way to invoke it with a shell command, which makes it possible to emulate a “Cmd-V” / “Paste” keyboard shortcut after the clipboard’s content has been converted.
    Moreover, since version 2.0 Plain Clip has offered removal of trailing whitespace and control characters such as non-breaking spaces. Plain Clip 2.1 introduced another optionally text filter: line breaks can be removed, but at the same time consecutive line breaks are retained, so that paragraphs in the text are preserved.
  34. OpenLearn – The Open University – Try over 600 free online courses from The Open University. Available from introductory to advanced level, each takes between 1 and 50 hours to study.
    Complete activities to assess your progress and compare your thoughts with sample answers. Sign up for free to track your progress, connect with other learners in our discussion forums and find the tools to help you learn.
  35. The Open University – Distance Learning Courses and Adult Education –
  36. 30 best free Mac programs to download – by categories, good reviews and links included.
  37. How to Think Like a Computer Scientist – Learning with Python v2nd Edition documentation
  38. Tinkatolli – the unbelievably creative new virtual world for kids – an online game for kids, and its goal to encourage kids to get away from the computer and MAKE THINGS! Yeah, crazy concept eh? 🙂 Kids are encouraged to hand-make art, crafts, their own toys, models, etc…
  39. Pro Git – book – professional version control
  40. Exabis e-portfolio block – enables portfolio work for students from within Moodle. The block has to be activated at least once in any course (or on the mymoodle-page)- students can then do eportfolio-work across courses building up and using their individual category-system.
  41. SliTaz: lightweight GNU/Linux – a free operating system providing a fully featured desktop or server in less than 30 MB. In Live mode SliTaz can run completely in RAM and boot from removable media such as a cdrom or USB key. The system is secure, stable and easy to use.
  42. EcoCreamos
  43. deskCut – solves the irritating lack of drag url icon from browser to desktop (or folder) in Ubuntu. Provides a right-click menu option for Firefox allowing you to create URL Shortcuts in two clicks. You can choose the folder in which to place the Shortcut (i.e. ‘desktop’) and specify shortcut name too.
    It also allows you to create a shortcut by simply dragging the URL from the address bar onto the desktop!
  44. Add a Mac to Your Windows Network (Part I)
  45. A visual chronicle by Enrique Flores sketchbooks – #spanishrevolution, #15m,#nolesvotes, #acampadasol, #notenemosmiedo, #yeswecamp
  46. University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations – the world’s leading range of certificates for learners and teachers of English – taken by over 3 million people in 130 countries. They help people gain entrance to university or college, improve job prospects or measure progress in English. More than 12,000 employers, universities and government bodies around the world recognise Cambridge ESOL qualifications.
  47. jAlbum – free online picture album generator.
  48. Top 10 free Online Video Conversion Service – Top 10 free Online Video Conversion Service to save as mp3, mp4, flv, etc.
  49. Wendy MacNaughton – watercolours, journals, sketching, illustration
  50. Pen – Simple Online Publishing – allows you to create beautiful text-based pages in seconds and share them with the rest of the world.
  51. Nominalia: Scripts – – Cms, foros, blogs, galerías, calendarios, pools, wikis
  52. Decimus Software – 3 nice utilities for the #Mac: DTerm (integrates terminal in any program and finder), Synk (live file synchronizer) and Screen Mimic (screencast tool with swf or mov Quicktime export ability.)
  53. Open Terminal Here utilities for Mac OS X
  54. cdto – Finder Toolbar button to open a Terminal window – Fast mini application that opens a Terminal.app window cd’d to the front most finder window. This app is designed (including it’s icon) to placed in the finder window’s toolbar.
  55. Build, LLC – Modern architecture firm
  56. SuperDuper! – makes recovery painless, because it makes creating a fully bootable backup painless. Its incredibly clear, friendly interface is understandable, easy to use, and SuperDuper’s built-in scheduler makes it trivial to back up automatically.
  57. 45 Free and Very Useful High Quality Applications for the Mac
  58. 17 Fantastic Apps Made Especially for Writers
  59. moneyGuru – a personal finance management application. With it, you can evaluate your financial situation so you can make informed (and thus better) decisions. Most finance applications have the same goal, but moneyGuru’s difference is in the way it achieves it. Rather than having reports which you have to configure (or find out which pre-configured report is the right one), your important financial data (net worth, profit) is constantly up-to-date and “in your face”. This allows you to constantly make informed decision rather than doing so periodically.
  60. Comparison of text editors
  61. Plugs ‘N Pixels: Free PDF ezine – about photoshop effects, filters and plugins
  62. Of Zen – – Clear Answers to Common Computing Questions
  63. FitText – A plugin for inflating web type – A jQuery plugin for inflating web type Download on Github, FitText makes font-sizes flexible. Use this plugin on your fluid or responsive layout to achieve scalable headlines that fill the width of a parent element.
  64. Vormator – The Elements of Design – challenges artists to create visuals by using a very limited palette of shapes and possibilities. Just eight vector shapes, called the Elements, which they are allowed to use within a given set of rules.
  65. Visual Understanding Environment – an Open Source project based at Tufts University. The VUE project is focused on creating flexible tools for managing and integrating digital resources in support of teaching, learning and research. VUE provides a flexible visual environment for structuring, presenting, and sharing digital information.
  66. Partition wizard – fast and reliable Free Partition Magic Alternative designated for home user. It supports both 32-bit
  67. WikiCards – a free tool that helps you organize any kind of collection
  68. Wave Accounting – free online accounting program for small businesses
  69. coolinvesting – Learn how to invest – Investing guide that teaches you how to make money by investing in the stock market
  70. Nubes rojas – Cecilia Varela, ilustración.
  71. Mr. Ed book
  72. Vectorian Giotto – Easy and Powerful Free Flash Animation Software
  73. Briss: crop PDF document pages – a simple open-source cross-platform Java application for cropping PDF files. A simple user interface lets you define exactly the crop-region by fitting a rectangle on the visually overlaid pages.
  74. The Portable Freeware Collection – My top 10 – Convey Portable
  75. Macrium Reflect FREE Edition – The only free XP, Vista and Windows 7 compatible disk imaging software with BartPE and Linux based recovery options.
  76. duplicati – A flexible backup system with a friendly user interface – Google Project Hosting – a free (LGPL) backup system, and a 100% managed C# implementation of Duplicity. Duplicati enables you to setup and monitor backups on Windows or Linux.
  77. duplicity – Encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup using the rsync algorithm-Duplicity backs directories by producing encrypted tar-format volumes and uploading them to a remote or local file server. Because duplicity uses librsync, the incremental archives are space efficient and only record the parts of files that have changed since the last backup. Because duplicity uses GnuPG to encrypt and/or sign these archives, they will be safe from spying and/or modification by the server.
    The duplicity package also includes the rdiffdir utility.
  78. JohnKCurriculum: Preston Blair Lessons: Fundamentals of Animation Drawing
  79. INSTRUCTION « ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive
  80. Musical algorithms – an interactive exploration of the relationship between music and mathematics
  81. AVIAddXSubs – simple to use, free program to subtitle videos converting the original srt files you may have with a variety of options to configure the subtitles as regards font, font size, color, outline, position, etc. Ideal for playstation 3 – The conversion process takes a few minutes (or a few seconds in many cases) and it doesn’t re-encode the video so its quality remains exactly the same. The generated subtitles are “soft”, not burned in the picture, so the user is able to activate/deactivate through his/her player’s remote control the same way it does at normal DVD playback.
  82. Portable Python – preconfigured to run directly from any USB storage device, enabling you to have, at any time, a portable programming environment. Just download it, extract to your portable storage device or hard drive and in 10 minutes you are ready to create your next Python application.
  83. The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences™ (OEIS™)
  84. Adding a Mac to Your Windows-based Network – Apple – Seminars Online –
  85. Macs and Active Directory – it’s certainly possible to connect Macs to networks that are running Active Directory. But sometimes it takes a little doing.
  86. pythonvector – open source utilities written in Python for importing and manipulating vector art files (Adobe Illustrator, PDF, and SVG).
  87. fontQA – easy framework for font testing and quality assurance.
  88. useful ubuntu links
  89. Scripts para Nautilus – La Web de javielinux
  90. Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide – An in-depth exploration of the art of shell scripting
  91. Arista Transcoder – a really cool video converter for GNOME. It comes with a huge list of presets: from iPod, iPhone, PSP, Playstation 3 to Android, Nokia, DVD and lots more. It supports MP4, WebM, Matroska, AVI, Ogg, FLV (codecs – video: H.264, VP8, MPEG4 / DivX, MPEG2, Theora, Flash Video / audio: AAC, Vorbis, MP3, FLAC, Speex, WAV) formats and it can rip straight from DVD or v4l (Video 4 Linux) devices too.
  92. Bureau Bruneau
  93. Kupfer/Tips – – for the fabulous app launcher / Quicksilver-like app in Ubuntu
  94. Effective Meetings – , Your Meeting Resource Center
  95. 100 Incredibly Useful
  96. Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts
  97. Screeny – simple video
  98. TheNewBoston – – Free Educational Video Tutorials on Computer Programming and More! » Tutorials
  99. 16 Top Useful iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers
  100. 20 Creative Apps For Your iPhone
  101. Canopy Camera Tools for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi and iPad 2 Wi-Fi 3G on the iTunes App Store – adds additional functionality and a set of tools for the iPhone camera. Set separate focus and exposure points, use a time-delayed capture to get everyone in the photo, and create stunning time-lapse videos with ease. While it adds great features by itself, Canopy Camera Tools is designed to work BEST with the Made for iPhone approved Jumba and Kapok sleeves from Canopy. The Jumba sleeve, for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, has two built-in tripod mounts so you can lock your iPhone down to any standard tripod. It’s perfect for taking great family photos, creating time-lapse videos and stabilizing video footage.
  102. Snapbucket | Snap, Style, and Share – lets you snap a picture, edit it, and share with friends
  103. instagr.am – snap, filter
  104. Hipstamatic – iPhone App – Digital Photography Never Looked So Analog
  105. The Pomodoro Technique – a way to get the most out of time management. Turn time into a valuable ally to accomplish what we want to do and chart continuous improvement in the way we do it.
  106. Weighted Voronoi Stippling – continuous graduations of light and shade through the use of small, discrete dots or strokes. In painting the technique is more commonly called pointillism. New! You can now download executables and source code.
  107. QubesOS – open source operating system designed to provide strong security for desktop computing. Qubes is based on Xen, X Window System, and Linux, and can run most Linux applications and utilize most of the Linux drivers. In the future it might also run Windows apps.
  108. SendTo 1.6 (free) – SendTo is a little tool that will help you send files/folders to any location on your computer, using the Right Click ‘Send To’ menu. You can even send to applications and FTP sites on the internet.
  109. Lostpedia – The Lost Encyclopedia
  110. OpenVPN – Open Source VPN
  111. TeamViewer – Free Remote Access and Remote Desktop Sharing over the Internet – TeamViewer – the All-In-One Solution for Remote Access and Support over the Internet. TeamViewer connects to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds. You can remote control your partner’s PC as if you were sitting right in front of it.
  112. iTerm2 – Mac OS Terminal Replacement – a replacement for Terminal and the successor to iTerm. It works on Macs with Leopard or Snow Leopard. Its focus is on performance, internationalization, and supporting innovative features that make your life better.
  113. Bootdisk.Com
  114. UMPlayer | Universal Multimedia Player – the multimedia player that fills all your needs. With dozens of advanced features and built-in codecs it can handle any media format, and can play Audio CDs, DVDs, (S)VCDs, TV / Radio cards, YouTube™ and SHOUTcast™ streams and even incomplete or damaged media files.
  115. Toño Benavides – ilustración
  116. Upgrade precautions in Mac os x – Lifehacker
  117. Simple PM – – What Everyone Needs to Know About Project Management
  118. 50 Interactive Silverlight Applications
  119. How to Locate and Edit Configuration Files
  120. iTerm – a full featured terminal emulation program written for OS X using Cocoa. We are aiming at providing users with best command line experience under OS X. The letter i represents a native apple look and feel of the program interface, and an emphasis on complete international support.
  121. Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts
  122. Natalie Hall – ‘s art blog
  123. Byword • A Simple Text Editor for Mac – Be it in full-screen or with a regular window, when typing every accessory element fades away and text is all you see. All basic features of a text editor are accessible through convenient keyboard shortcuts. Formatting options include font size, alignment, bold, italic, lists and highlight. Edit any plain text file, from a simple .txt to complex Markdown or even LaTeX file. The rich text format .rtf is also supported. Byword lets you highlight a few lines nearby the cursor to give you a clear view of the context you’re writing in. Everything else is dimmed to second plan. Pixel-perfect interface in soothing light and dark colors making it adjustable to lighting conditions. Includes 5 great typographic presets to create legible, readable and great looking documents with zero effort. Taking advantage of MultiMarkdown advanced features, Byword can be used to compose full-featured documents that include cross-reference links, images, citations, footnotes and even tables.
  124. A successful Git branching model » nvie.com
  125. AVI ReComp – (freeware) allows you to recompress your AVI files.AVI ReComp can be very useful for users who want to clear their AVIs out of GMC or Qpel functions to prepare their clips for standalone DVD players. The program contains the feature of embedding subtitles into video.
  126. 25 Superb Mac Apps for College Students | Mac.AppStorm
  127. Belarc Advisor – Free Personal PC Audit – builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, network inventory, missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, security benchmarks, and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server.
  128. IZArc – the best freeware archive utility supporting many archive formats like: 7-ZIP, A, ACE, ARC, ARJ, B64, BH, BIN, BZ2, BZA, C2D, CAB, CDI, CPIO, DEB, ENC, GCA, GZ, GZA, HA, IMG, ISO, JAR, LHA, LIB, LZH, MDF, MBF, MIM, NRG, PAK, PDI, PK3, RAR, RPM, TAR, TAZ, TBZ, TGZ, TZ, UUE, WAR, XXE, YZ1, Z, ZIP, ZOO. With a modern easy-to-use interface, IZArc provides support for most compressed and encoded files, as well as access to many powerful features and tools. It allows you to drag and drop files from and to Windows Explorer, create and extract archives directly in Windows Explorer, create multiple archives spanning disks, creating self-extracting archives, repair damaged zip archives, converting from one archive type to another, view and write comments and many more. IZArc has also build-in multilanguage support.
  129. The Best 50 Firefox add-ons for Web-developers!
  130. Matthew Lyons
  131. Sidestep – Sidestep is an open-source application for Mac OS X that sits quietly in the background, protecting your security and privacy as you browse the web. When Sidestep detects you connecting to an unprotected wireless network, it automatically encrypts all of your Internet traffic and reroutes it through a secure connection to a server of your choosing, which acts as your Internet proxy. And it does all this in the background so that you don’t even notice it.
  132. Extract Email Addresses script
  133. Email Address Extractor – Automatically extract all email addresses Outlook Express or any other files. – Automatically extract all email addresses Outlook Express or any other files Automatically extract all email addresses from your PC!A simple yet invaluable tool that can automatically dig out all of the email addresses directly from your Outlook Express files or any other files! Search your entire system if you like! Import the results back into your Windows Address Book, or import it into Excel, Word, or your favorite app. Great for mail merge.. Outlook Express Email Saver! download outlook express or evidence eliminator and archive Outlook Express file wiper. CLICK HERE! archive outlook express backup: download outlook express backup software. Outlook Express tool to save email in a secure password protected archive. Keep your Outlook Express mail safe. Free download, you can archive Outlook Express files toda
  134. OpenXML/ODF Translator Add-ins for Office
  135. AutoHotkey – Free Mouse and Keyboard Macro Program with Hotkeys and AutoText – AutoHotkey is a free, open-source utility for Windows. With it, you can: Automate almost anything by sending keystrokes and mouse clicks. You can write a mouse or keyboard macro by hand or use the macro recorder.Create hotkeys for keyboard, joystick, and mouse. Virtually any key, button, or combination can become a hotkey.Expand abbreviations as you type them. For example, typing “btw” can automatically produce “by the way”.Create custom data-entry forms, user interfaces, and menu bars. See GUI for details.Remap keys and buttons on your keyboard, joystick, and mouse.Respond to signals from hand-held remote controls via the WinLIRC client script.Run existing AutoIt v2 scripts and enhance them with new capabilities.Convert any script into an EXE file that can be run on computers that don’t have AutoHotkey installed.
  136. Super User – q
  137. Listgeeks
  138. Mrs. Easton – details, unexpected beauty of everyday things
  139. Microsoft Mathematics: Microsoft Education Product Center – From basic math to precalculus, free Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 can help you visualize and see mathematical concepts as you’ve never seen them before. This free downloadable tool includes step-by-step instructions and explains fundamental concepts. The wide range of tools to help students with complex mathematics includes a full-featured graphing calculator that’s designed to work just like a hand-held calculator and ink handwriting support to recognize hand-written problems.
  140. Soluto – Anti-Frustration Software – allows you to understand your boot, discover which applications are slowing it down (and keep running later in the background, affecting your ongoing experience), and allows you to significantly improve it. While Soluto Beta focuses on the boot, it already researches for frustrations and helps map the PC Genome, allowing you to share your wisdom with others.
  141. GeeTeeDee – simplistic to-do list manager for Windows that makes it easy to stay on top of everything you need to do. With a clean interface, intuitive lists, and space to store notes on your tasks, you won’t waste time configuring a confusing app just to get things done. Best of all, GeeTeeDee is a portable app, so you can save it in your Dropbox folder and keep your tasks synced between all your computers!
  142. Shapeshifter – advanced clipboard manager that integrates beautifully with Windows 7. As you copy items, Shapeshifter will gather them in its extended clipboard, and then you can insert any of them into any program by pressing and holding Ctrl V. It’s like Windows 7′s new Alt-Tab dialog, but for your clipboard.
  143. The Ultimate Collection of Productivity
  144. 10 Awesome Uses for Automator Explained | Mac.AppStorm
  145. 9 Big, Bold Designer PowerPoint Templates
  146. simpleinvoices – making invoicing rock – Free/Open source software, no hype, no buzz words, no whizz bang features your never ganna use, just a simple invoicing system designed to get the job done.
  147. Simple Groupware – Open Source Groupware and CMS – open source enterprise groupware that offers email, calendaring, contacts, tasks, document management, project management, synchronization with Outlook and cell phones, full-text search, extensions and many more.
  148. SoundCloud – Your Sound, At The Heart – a platform that puts your sound at the heart of communities, websites and even apps. Watch conversations, connections and social experiences happen, with your sound as the spark. Its App Gallery provides over a hundred apps for mobile, desktop and web all built to amplify your SoundCloud experience.
  149. pfbtocfdg — Convert a PostScript Type 1 font to CFDG paths – pfbtocfdg is a short Perl script that converts a PostScript Type 1 (vector) font to a set of CFDG paths, one per glyph. The resulting paths can then be used in a .cfdg file just like any other CFDG code for Context Free.
  150. Sass – Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets – an extension of CSS3, adding nested rules, variables, mixins, selector inheritance, and more. It’s translated to well-formatted, standard CSS using the command line tool or a web-framework plugin. Sass has two syntaxes: the new main syntax (as of Sass 3) is known as “SCSS” (for “Sassy CSS”), and is a superset of CSS3’s syntax. This means that every valid CSS3 stylesheet is valid SCSS as well. SCSS files use the extension .scss. The second, older syntax is known as the indented syntax (or just “Sass”). Inspired by Haml’s terseness, it’s intended for people who prefer conciseness over similarity to CSS. Instead of brackets and semicolons, it uses the indentation of lines to specify blocks. Although no longer the primary syntax, the indented syntax will continue to be supported. Files in the indented syntax use the extension .sass.
  151. Compass – Experience cleaner markup without presentational classes.
    It’s chock full of the web’s best reusable patterns.
    Developing a personal framework is simple.
    Compass mixins make CSS3 easy.
    Download and create extensions with ease.
  152. SuperCollider – an environment and programming language for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition. It provides an interpreted object-oriented language which functions as a network client to a state of the art, realtime sound synthesis server. SuperCollider was written by James McCartney over a period of many years, and is now an open source (GPL) project maintained and developed by various people. It is used by musicians, scientists, and artists working with sound.
  153. Processing monsters – the result of my effort to learn Processing and encourage others
    to do so by showing the source code.To make one too and be part of it, rules are simple: Strictly black and white mouse reactive.
  154. writtenimages.net – A generative book that presents programmed images by various artists. Each print in process will be calculated individually – which makes every single book unique. Artists, designers and developers are encouraged to program image creating applications, which will be published as four-page spreads in the book. These programs visualize internet data-streams or display self-generated content. They are able to save continuously changing images on demand.
    Every application will run through an auto-generative printing program which generates and compiles all images and metatexts into a printable book. The printing will be done digitally due to continuously changing data. The final result will be an unique art book
  155. autokey – a text expansion/replacement utility for Linux and X11.[1] It is heavily inspired by the commercial Windows software 'PhraseExpress'.[2] It receives keyboard events using one of several methods and uses X events to drive the expansions.[3] AutoKey can be used to replace abbreviations with full phrases, and also to correct spelling mistakes and other typographical errors.[1] AutoKey is known to operate under both the GNOME and KDE desktop environments.
  156. 10 Open Source Flash Framework for Flash Developers | Gadgets World
  157. Levitated | the Exploration of Computation
  158. Budget calculator — Oxford Brookes University – Work out how much you're going to spend at university…
  159. GeekTool – Mac utility that incorporates text files, shell command output and images to your desktop.
  160. McClure Magazine
  161. Beginning SSH on Ubuntu
  162. Polycode – a new free, open-source, cross-platform framework for creative code. You can use it as a C API or as a standalone scripting language to get easy and simple access to accelerated 2D and 3D graphics, hardware shaders, sound and network programming, physics engines and more.
  163. Raphaël—JavaScript Library – small JavaScript library that should simplify your work with vector graphics on the web. If you want to create your own specific chart or image crop and rotate widget, for example, you can achieve it simply and easily with this library.
  164. Protovis – composes custom views of data with simple marks such as bars and dots. Unlike low-level graphics libraries that quickly become tedious for visualization, Protovis defines marks through dynamic properties that encode data, allowing inheritance, scales and layouts to simplify construction. Protovis is free and open-source, provided under the BSD License. It uses JavaScript and SVG for web-native visualizations
  165. mrdoob/three.js – a lightweight 3D engine with a very low level of complexity — in other words, for dummies. The engine can render using <canvas>, <svg> and WebGL. The library was created and being maintained by Mr.Doob.
  166. Cinder | The library for professional-quality creative coding in C – a powerful, intuitive toolbox for programming graphics, audio, video, networking, image processing and computational geometry. Cinder is cross-platform, and in general the exact same code works under Mac OS X, Windows and a growing list of other platforms — most recently the iPhone and iPad. Cinder is designed to take advantage of platforms’ native capabilities whenever it’s possible, and relies on a minimum of 3rd party libraries. This makes for much lighter, faster applications, and means Cinder apps get free performance, security and capability upgrades whenever the operating system does.
  167. Amnon P5: experiments with processing
  168. OpenProcessing
  169. 200 Extremely Free Halftone Adobe Photoshop Brushes | blueblots.com
  170. Typing special characters in Ubuntu – three different ways to enter Unicode characters in Ubuntu, an important feature for international and multilingual users.
  171. Gephi – Gephi is an interactive visualization and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and complex systems, dynamic and hierarchical graphs.Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Gephi is open-source and free.
  172. iText – a library that allows you to create and manipulate PDF documents. It enables developers looking to enhance web- and other applications with dynamic PDF document generation and/or manipulation. Developers can use iText to: Serve PDF to a browser

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