The Typephases notepad

Helpful tricks and ideas about using our dingbats, fonts and illustration.

using dingbats

Using dingbat fonts

How to take advantage of one of the most powerful graphic designer's secret weapons.

about the whimbats

The Whimbats

Our original crowd of little people. They dwell in an exclusive series of dingbats, or pictorial fonts.

creating the whimbats

Creating the Whimbats

Where do they come from? How were they created?

Links: typography

Selected links: typography

We have hand-picked some useful links about typography. Don’t miss them out!

Font management article

Digital design manual

NEW! A complete manual of graphic design, web design essentials, digital image and illustration and typography.

Font management article

Font management

A solid font management system is crucial for a graphic designer or any computer user with a good collection of fonts.

Font creation article

Font creation workshop: the basics

Learn the basics of fontmaking with an easy to understand overview article.

Font creation article - part 2

Font creation workshop: advanced

More techniques, tips and tricks to help you learn fontmaking.

Our blog

Our journal

Acuarela is our blog, where we periodically add some new thoughts, links and whimsical occurrences. Here’s its RSS feed.

More articles to come soon: Graphic design links, Illustration links, Web design links, and more!