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The freeware dingbats and fonts listed as not available are included, free of charge, with our customers’ orders by request.

The Typephases Shoppe

Licenses for our dingbats and fonts can be purchased exclusively in our website (certain dingbats are also available at Myfonts).

Buying our fonts is easy and fast: we use a simple, secure and convenient method of payment, the trusted Paypal system. Once your payment has been sent, we ship the selected fonts or dingbats immediately to the email address you indicate.

Buying multiple fonts or a complete package means you get important discounts off the individual fonts’ price, with up to 60% savings.

Item Price Click to Purchase
Dingbats and dingbat collections: Absurdies, Bizarries, Genteta, Whimsies, Illustrissims, Ombres, Joy of reading, Entestats, Capsbats. Buy at Myfonts
Feedback dingbat 35€
Commercial use licence for 1 font (choose) 20€
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Commercial use licence for 1 dingbat (choose) 35€
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